Are you looking for a way to have an Ableton Looper Pedal? If so, you’ve found the right article.

In order to setup an Ableton Looper pedal, you’ll need:

The Clip Slot Looper converts Ableton’s clip slots into loopers (as you might guess from the name). Once you have that in place, you can use a foot pedal to send key commands to Ableton. And the AutoHotKey script allows you to string together key sequences (i.e., CTRL + Z) and assign them to a single key. You can then assign that key to the foot pedal.

If you already have Ableton Suite, you can try out the Clip Slot Looper with a 14 day refund period. Once you get a feel for how that works, it will make more sense how to then add custom commands via the AutoHotKey script and the USB foot pedal.

And as you can see in the videos below, this solution allows for foot and hand control. This solution is so much better than just using a foot pedal. Why? Because all your loops are laid out in a visual palette in front of you.

Here are some videos showing how the setup works: